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Niels Viggo Hansen –
Philosophy and Process

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Fields of engagement

Philosophical texts on time, process and science in a living cosmos.

Interacting Minds Center: my job and afilliation at Aarhus University.

The Delta Program: research in new ways to healthy sustainable lifestyle changes for overweight citizens.

Eksistential sensitivity: research project and professional practice development targeting existential dimensions in palliative care.

Moving Meditation: meditation classes, materials, retreats, trainings.

NYBRUD: seminars on spirituality in East and West – and in a modern globalized world.

Gomde Højskole: Pilot project for an open Nordic contemplative / buddhist summerschool.

Wisdom in Process: blog on everything that moves and thinks.



Gomde Højskole 2022: contemplative open Nordic summerschool withTor Nørretranders, Madhurima Rigtrup, Erik Pema Kunsang, Anders Laugesen, John Dunne and many others. Helgenæs, 17-30 July





Niels Viggo Hansen, Ph.D., philosopher, physicist, researcher at Interacting Minds Center, Aarhus University,

Meditation teacher, mindfulness instructor, facilitator in action research, professional practice development and group processes.

I consider philosophy my job as well as my spiritual practice. Philosophy in the full sense is the process  of finding and nourishing wisdom in the thick of things. Meditation is basically the same process of becoming awake with what is alive. Different surfaces and methods but one flow at the heart. The fascination of emerging insight, especially in caring creative groups, has set the agenda for all strands of my working life, even though I have sometimes been very slow in seeing it.

The list above links to different kinds of steps towards living sharing philosophy and meditation. It is all open processes with lots of space for improvement, feedback, networking and participation.